Common Pregnancy Related Discomforts – Hemorrhoids

General Description

Hemorrhoids are dilated veins (varicosities) in the lower rectum which are common during pregnancy. They can be internal (inside the anal canal) or external (at the anal opening) with symptoms include rectal irritation, burning, itching, swelling, pain, and bleeding.


Sources of Discomfort

Normal changes in hormones, and pressure from uterine weight as baby grows, play a role in the dilation and prolapse of the vessels. Hemorrhoids can be aggravated by straining during bowel movements, low-fiber diets, recurrent constipation or diarrhea and regular use of iron supplements, stool softeners, and enemas. Hemorrhoids are also common after pushing during childbirth. Causes of the discomfort.


Methods of Relief

  1. Avoid standing, sitting (include commode) for prolonged periods of time. Lay on your left side during rest periods.
  2. Avoid inflated “donut” pillows, which compromise circulatory drainage.
  3. Regular activity and occasional Kegel exercises may be helpful.
  4. Use of a stool (squat pot) to bring feet to toilet level for better muscle alignment and less rectal strain during movements.
  5. Increase dietary fiber and hydration levels.
Compresses & Bath Soaks

  1. Hot / cold: Include – Witch hazel, comfrey, epsom salt, sitz, red clove

and nettle

  1. Grated (as a compress) or thinly sliced raw potato (as a suppository)

to shrink and relieve swelling


Topical Application

  1. Plantain, yarrow, and goldenrod ointments
  2. Vitamin E capsule, as a suppository, 400 IU or more
  3. Aloe Vera gel
  4. Lubricate hemorrhoid with olive oil and gently push back into the rectum
 Herbal Suppository for Hemorrhoids


4 oz cocoa butter

2 oz each powder – marshmallow root

– white oak bark

– goldenseal

2 oz calendula oil

Refrigerate in suppository mold

Insert every evening

Wear a pad to absorb leakage

Knee-chest position to promote drainage


Tinctures, Teas, Tablets & Homeopathy

  1. Yellow Dock root tincture: ½ dropperful orally, 3x daily
  2. Bilberry tablets, 3x daily
  3. Horse chestnut, in any form
  4. Hamamelis (oral form of witch hazel) during hemorrhoid flares, 30c as needed