Sleep Doula Care

  • Individualized, In-Home Baby Education
  • Pre-Natal Support via Email
  • Assistance with ~Greening~ Home for Baby
  • Informational and Emotional Support
  • In-Home Breast Feeding Support
  • Postpartum Birth Experience Counseling
  • Light Housekeeping; Laundry, Dishes
  • Light Meal Preparation; Oatmeal, Eggs, Sandwiches, Smoothies
  • Postpartum Depression Prevention and/or Recovery Care
  • Cesarean Support and Recovery
  • Multiples Care and Education
  • Moderate Sibling Care and Assistance During the Transitional Period
  • Newborn Sleeping Pattern Education and Assistance
  • MUCH Much More!!!
Usually after a brand new baby arrives, so do all of the friends and family members eager to get there little moment with the new and precious little one. For days, or even the first week or two, friends and family will occasionally come and offer to help with daily chores, meal preparations and provide a little extra tender loving care of any siblings. But what happens after everyone goes home, and mom and dad are both wore out from the journey and often from the company as well? Having an overnight sleep Doula to ease the transition can make a world of difference for mom, baby and for a dad or partner who is trying take it all on at one time. Your Doula will see to it that you and your partner get to sleep and she will care for baby and tend to the needs of the home. When baby is ready to eat she will slip in quietly with baby for in bed breastfeeding (if you are planning to nurse) and gently take baby when feeding is complete and baby is satisfied, with very minimal sleep lose for mom and dad. Basic household chores such as folding the mother’s and baby’s laundry and towels, loading and unloading the dishwasher, and straightening up. Light meals, snacks and smoothies will be prepared to help support sufficient calorie intake. A sleep Doula provides 8 hours of overnight care, snuggling and pampering baby while mom and dad get the adequate rest they are in such great need of during this time.This is really great also for military families who are stationed away from family that would otherwise be nearby to assist in those first few days that are so special and in need of love and support. As well as families who have multiples!Having an overnight Doula after a cesarean can be an even greater blessing, as moms recovery time and need for constant bed rest can leave her family struggling to keep up while also trying to tend to her and the baby. Doula’s are trained in postpartum Cesarean recovery, as well as the increased risks of postpartum depression which can be heightened by lack of sleep and exhaustion. Constant breastfeeding support is also provided during this very fragile time and the gentle hands that help to bring about a smooth, calm and beautiful transition of the family unit as a whole.

~ Overnight Sleep Doula Care means rested, loved, well cared for and supported families ~