ASL Doula Care Services

I have a great deal of involvement in Deaf Culture as well as a Knowledge of ASL. While I am not a certified interpreter, I do have 12 years of experience within the Deaf Community here in the San Antonio area and I learned ASL directly from within the Deaf Community itself. I attended SAC for 2 full semesters as part of the Deaf Support Specialist Degree Program, just for my own personal education and a desire to know more about the people and language that I have such a passion for. Being hearing, and learning ASL late in my life, I use a well blended mix of ASL and SEE. I am always learning something new about this beautiful language and it’s people, as it is one of my other labors of love. For 7  years I taught a home-school girls sign language class with emphasis on ASL, Deaf History & Culture, Output and Receptive Skills, Dance & Song Signing, Mime & Poetry, as well as Deaf Story Telling. The services I provide in this area allow for me to be an understanding support person in your journey through birth, with the ability to communicate directly between us, however, not as an interpreter. My role and intention is not to be an interpreter for ones birth, but an additional pair of eyes and ears and a direct support to my client’s as an ASL Doula. Not all interpreters can understand and speak the language of birth, as their job is to interpret, so having a Doula who knows and understands the language of birth AND has a knowledge of Deaf culture and the ASL language can be a great asset to the birthing woman and her family. I am happy to be able to provide my Doula Care services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients, and their family members.

ASL Services include all of the services in the Labor & Birth Doula Care Packages and/or Postpartum Doula Care Packages in ASL.

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