Your Postpartum & Recovery with a Doula

Once alone in your personal space and are in the midst of finding a new standard of “normal” for your family dynamic,
it can become overwhelming at moments to know where to begin anew.

Having a postpartum Doula during this time of transition can bring great relief and peace of mind.

The multitude of areas that care is provided to you during the postpartum-recovery period include:
Home Visits
Breastfeeding Support
Emotional Support
Postpartum Depression Prevention and Recovery
Preparing Home for Baby
Going Green
Overnight Newborn Care
(to help provide families a smooth adjustment process and allow mom to get adequate rest and sleep)
Light Housekeeping
Assistance in Meal Preparation
Moderate Sibling Care

(as a means of helping the family smoothly transition into a new routine)
Encouraging Bonding and Interaction
(between father/partner/siblings and baby)
On Going Phone Calls

Education is provided on:
Newborn and Infant Care
Breastfeeding Skills
Maternal Care and Recovery

(as well as skills for coping with the many new changes that have taken place)
Prevention of Postpartum Depression

Most of all, just simply having a constant support system in place.

Love and encouragement are given around every corner of your journey and there is no right or wrong way to transition
into this phase of your lifelong journey, there is only your way and the journey that gets you there…