Your Labor with a Doula

Whether you have decided on having a Doula present at your side from the beginning of your journey, or nearing the pinnacle of your journey,
you will find comfort in her presence, solitude in her touch, love in her embrace, and encouragement in her words.

During labor a Doula mother’s the birthing mother, guiding, caring and loving along the way.

One-on-one support will be provided from your Doula in the form of comfort measures, pain relieving and coping techniques
by means of massage, pressure points, relaxation, breathing, visualization, and positive affirmations.

Guidance is given in the transitions of labor and the changes needed in laboring positions throughout the course and
your journey to promote comfort and proper positioning of your baby for ease of birth.

Support is not only provided to you as the birthing mother, but also to the father/birthing partner and/or family/friends whom you have
chosen to be present at your birth. Partners are provided with encouragement and reassurance in how to participate and
find their role of support through the journey you are taking together.

Your Doula will work alongside you towards achieving the desires within your birth plan, as well as support and encouragement
should changes in that plan become necessary, all in an effort for you to achieve the best birth possible while
maintaining the quality of care you have sought after.

Doula’s have become a great asset immediately after birth in promoting skin-to-skin contact of mother and baby
following vaginal and cesarean births.

Breastfeeding support is given after birth, as well as into the postpartum stage and beyond, if needed.


Photo by Ashllina Rochelle photographie

“A woman’s body is fearfully and wonderfully made, designed to birth and bring forth new life, and in her most
vulnerable and beautiful moment, we stand in awe and wonder of her strength and courage…”

~Shelby Miller, Doula