Postpartum & Overnight Doula Care Services

~ Doula is currently only available for Overnight Care ~

~ A basic hourly breakdown is listed near the bottom of the page ~
~ Full Doula Care Package rates are discounted from the hourly rates ~

~ We will have 1 prenatal visit scheduled to get acquainted to go over care options and give you an opportunity to discover what needs you feel will
need to be met during the duration of your care and the care of your baby (If you are a Labor and birthing client, this visit will be tied in with your
3 prenatal visits)

~ Individualized and basic birthing education is provided in your home during our prenatal visit, as well as information on the many options and
decisions that you will be faced with from the moment after the birth, through the first few years of baby’s life.

~ I am available for informational prenatal support through email throughout your pregnancy.

~ Prior to birth or after birth, I can help with preparing your home for the arrival of your new baby by helping with the nursery set up and/or assisting
in “greening” your home for baby. ~GO GREEN~

~ Postpartum birth experience counseling is available. Regardless of your birth experience, having the opportunity to share it in a safe place with
someone who cares is vitally important.

~ Breastfeeding education, support and guidance from day one until the day baby weans.

~ Cesarean support and recovery.

~ Postpartum depression prevention

~ Light housekeeping will be provided (Dishes, laundry, sweeping, changing linens)

~ Planning and preparation of nutritious meals.

~ Moderate sibling care and assistance is offered as a means of helping the family smoothly transition into a new routine.

~ Resources and referrals will be given as the need arises.

~ Overnight Care, also known as baby/sleep nurses, available in 8 hour night time shifts. Additional hour(s) can be added at the beginning or end of shifts.

~ The above is a generalized listing of the most common care services that are often provided ~

Daytime Doula Care
$30.00 / Hr.  7am – 7pm

Minimum 5 Hr. Shift

Nightime Doula Care
$35.00 / Hr. 7pm – 7am

Overnight Doula Care
$225.00 / Night 10pm – 6am -or- 9pm – 5am

Immediate Postpartum Doula Care
$275.00 Package / Support in hospital after birth and help leaving birth location and settling in at home

Location fees may apply, depending on distance & location from New Braunfels

All families have individual needs, as each family dynamic is different and Doula Care is not cookie cutter. Care options are vast and individualized to meet each families specific needs. Should you need care outside of those listed, please contact your Doula and make arrangements to have your specific care needs met. 

All care services, packages and pricing are set at a base rate and adjusted individually, per family need.

~ ASL Doula Care services provided to Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients as well ~

~ The list of care options available is quite vast and I am open to working with you to meet your individual needs ~