Birth Doula Care Services

Amanda Greavette

Painting by Amanda Greavette

~ $1,500.00 -to- $1250.00 ~

~ Free consultation to discuss your hopes and desires for your birth and to get to know one another better.

~ We will have the opportunity to build a connection and bond during our 3 prenatal visits together. We will discuss comfort measures, birth preparation, and answer questions you have along the way. Ideally, we would meet anytime prior to 28 weeks, again between 30 – 32 weeks, and again between 36 – 38 weeks gestation. Upon request, I am happy to accompany you to 1 of your prenatal visits with your care provider (Midwife, OBGYN, Family Practitioner).

~ Throughout your pregnancy and in early postpartum, I am available for phone and e-mail support and guidance.

~ Access to my lending library of books and videos.

~ Natural Childbirth Education Classes are also available as an additional service. I highly encourage my clients to take my childbirth education class series, as we will be working together so closely during the birth process. This time together enhances the woman-Doula relationship, but also opens the door for the women’s husband/partner to build a trusting and comfortable working relationship with me as the Doula as well, so that together we can provide the best support for you throughout the laboring process. A discount is given to Clients who take this class.

~ We will discuss your pregnancy, birthing and postpartum options and create a written birth plan that meets your emotional and physical needs.

~ Dietary Nutrition and Essential Oil Education and Guidance for optimal health, prevention, and recovery and newborn care.

~ I am on-call 24/7 to you for the entire month surrounding your baby’s birth. Generally, 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks post your EDD, although, I am available earlier should labor begin prior to 38 weeks, or if any unexpected complications arise. (This timeline is altered for families Mothers expecting twins, or for High-Risk pregnancy / birth circumstances).

~ I come to you early in your labor (once you feel you need my support) and stay with you for 1 – 2 hours after your birth.

~ I will attend to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs throughout your entire labor & birth.

~ Support and guidance for partners and father’s to encourage their participation ( if you and they so desire). Nurturing you both as you birth your baby together.

~ I ensure that the desires of your birth plan are carried out and provide respectful advocacy to uphold the options and decisions you feel are best for your family.

~ If your desire is for a natural and non-medicated birth, then I will provide the comfort measures necessary for non-medical pain management.

~ Massage, aromatherapy, affirmations, guidance, nurturing, encouragement, prayer, back labor relief, hip comfort, pressure points, rebozo comfort measures & more.

~ Should a cesarean birth become medically necessary  (depending on the situation) I can accompany you into the OR for continued support.

~ We will meet for 1 Postnatal visit, between 5 – 10 days after birth.

~ After your birth, postpartum birth experience counseling is available. Regardless of your birth experience, having the opportunity to share it in a
safe place with someone who cares and was with you throughout the journey can be vitally important.

~ Breastfeeding education, support and guidance from day one until the day your baby weans.

~ Newborn care guidance as the weeks ahead unfold.

~ Resources, referrals and connections will be given for a variety of local birth connections, as the need arises.

~ Postpartum Care Options are also available for you and baby during the first 3 months after your birth.

~ Postpartum Support Options are available through baby’s first year.

Basic Fee Breakdown:

$1,500 – Standard Rate

New (non-established) Clients, who will not be taking Blooming Water Lilies Natural Childbirth Education Class Series.

$1,400 – Established Clients

Established, repeat Client’s of BWL.

$1,350 – Discounted Rate
 (If the following applies)

All BWL Clients, who will be taking Blooming Water Lilies Natural Childbirth Education 6-Part Class Series.

$1,250 – Discounted Rate (If all the following apply)

All Moon Water Midwifery Clients taking the Natural Childbirth Education Classes, and participating in the BWL Doula Training Program.

$250 – Deposit

Non-Refundable, and due upon contract signing to secure care services.

~ The above is a generalized listing of the most common care services that are often provided ~

All families have individual needs, as each family dynamic is different and Doula Care is not cookie cutter. Care options are vast and individualized to meet each families specific needs. Should you need care outside of those listed, please contact your Doula and make arrangements to have your specific care needs met. 

~ ASL Doula Care services provided to Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients as well ~

~ The list of care options available is quite vast and I am open to working with you to meet your individual needs ~

Please Note:

I take a limited number of clients on a monthly basis and I often book several months in advance, so please contact me to discuss my availability around your due date. I believe that every mother who wants a Doula should have one, and if I am already scheduled during your Estimated Due Date window then I’m happy to refer you to other Doula’s in the area who share similar qualities and ideals as myself.

Every birth I have attended over the past 25 years has been an amazing and humbling learning experience. I believe every birth experience is sacred and should be treated with the utmost respect. As a Doula (and midwife), I would be honored to work with you as you welcome your beautiful little angel baby earthside. I can be reached at Thank you!