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Essential Oils Classes


For Course Descriptions, and to register, click on the class links below

All classes are held on Sundays, from 2 – 5 pm, in New Braunfels



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This group page is open to those who have taken one of the classes below!



Introduction to EO – The  Basics 101

Becoming a Daily User

Held at the beginning of every specialty class below!


Ultimate EO Intensive – Reinventing Healthcare

Beyond The Basics – An In-Depth Look

Class Held Twice a Year -or- Upon Request


Daily Toxin Awareness and Going Green

Natural Detoxification

Next Class is January 22nd



The Natural Family

Family Health & Wellness & “Greening” Your Medicine Cabinet

Next Class is February 26th


The Expectant Family

Pregnancy, Labor & Birth, Postpartum, & Breastfeeding

Next Class is March 26th


 The New Addition

Newborn Care, Infant Massage & “Greening” Your Diaper Bag

Next Class is April 23rd



The Natural Child 

Naturally Treating, Comforting & Healing Childhood Illnesses

Next Class is May 28th


Fertility & Conception

Preparing the body for conception, pregnancy & birth

Class Held Once a Year -or- Upon Request



Understanding & Protecting the Immune System

Also taught in a Back-to-School format for children

Class Held Twice a Year -or- Upon Request


Holy Oils of the Bible

Class Held Once a Year -or- Upon Request