Introduction to Essential Oils – The  Basics 101

~ Take Back Control of your Health ~


with nature’s “medicine,” and be in control of your own health care.

Reduce your prescription and over the counter drug costs.

 Begin the process of obtaining optimum holistic health for your life

and the life of your family.


Learn the basics of essential oils and how to get started in becoming an essential oil user


* What are Essential Oils?

* Where do they come from and how are they sourced?

* What is the difference between Traditional Western Medicine, and a Natural, Holistic Approach?

* What makes Essential Oils so powerful?

* What do the different “grades” mean?

* Which brand / company is best? How do I choose?

* How do I use them properly?

* Do I need to use them differently for children?

* Understanding Aromatic Grade Essential Oils and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

* What are essential oil blends?


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Introduction to Essential Oils 101

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