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Pregnancy, Labor & Birth, Postpartum, & Breastfeeding



* Find relief from everyday pregnancy discomforts

* Discover the top 8 oils to have on-hand before you go into labor

* Learn what to use them for and how to effectively and properly use them to your benefit

* Bring comfort, balance, and serenity into your pregnancy and birth

* Discover natural methods of treating, preventing, and comforting common ailments in pregnancy

– Nausea, Hyperemesis Gravidarum, UTI’s, Candida (yeast), GBS, Edema, and more!

* Find out how Essential Oils can encourage a smooth transition in the re-balancing of hormones after your birth

* Maintain, decrease, or increase your milk supply

* Lift your mood

* Maximize restful sleep

* Decrease your recovery time


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1) Class fees are non-refundable and due upfront to enroll and ensure your place within the class series.

2) Should you not be able to attend the scheduled class, the fee and your enrollment will roll over onto the next scheduled class date.

3) Each person must enroll individually, with each individuals contact information listed.

4) Please fill out all required information in the payment form. Required Information is:

    • Name
    • Email address (the one you would like class details and updates sent to)
    • Phone Number (the best way to reach you should I be called to a birth and need to reschedule a class, your number will not be shared or misused)

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