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This class is for couples desiring a non-medicated birth no matter the setting; in a hospital, birth center or at home. Parents-to-be will learn to prepare the mind, body and heart for labor and parenthood, have a clear understanding of all of the options available to them during their labor, immediately after birth and for their newborn. Learn to recognize the signs and stages of labor, build confidence and trust in the birth process and reduce fears and anxieties. Understanding how mama and baby work together, ways partners can participate, connect and provide support to mama and baby during labor will also be discussed. You will learn natural techniques for coping with and minimizing pain. Breastfeeding, newborn care and care of the mother during the postpartum stage will also be covered in great detail.

Couples means an expectant mother and her birth partner, whom ever she chooses. (husband, boyfriend, sister, mother, etc.) Partner of choice cannot also be pregnant.

Class is taught by Shelby Miller who is an Apprentice Midwife, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Essential Oil Educator, and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.

Class Location – Family Birth Center – New Braunfels, Texas (online course option available for an additional $25/class)

Class Times: Classes held on Fridays, from 6:30 – 9:45 pm

Choose from:

  • A full course option for families expecting their first baby.
  • A partial course option for families experiencing their first natural childbirth, or wanting a refresher course.
  • A breastfeeding course for families who are wanting to have a successful breastfeeding relationship with their new baby.
  • A newborn care class for families wanting education on infant care, swaddling, diapering, soothing, sleep, baby wearing, car seat safety, and the important role of Dad’s, taught by a Dad guest speaker, and much more!

In-Depth Class topics in the following areas

  • Gestation and Anatomy
  • Understanding the function of the placentaimg_40961
  • Preparing the mind, body, and spirit for birth
  • Adapting to the changes of your body in a positive way
  • Understanding all of the options and decisions to be made prior to labor, during labor and immediately after the birth
  • May 2016 - 2Recognizing signs and stages of labor
  • The normal progression of labor, transition and birth
  • Understanding how your body and your baby work together
  • Natural techniques for coping with pain including, breathing, relaxation, position choices, massage techniques, pressure points, essential oils, vocalization, partner support, doula support, and much more…
  • Overcoming fears and building trust
  • Partner inclusion and support during the birth process
  • Understanding evidence-based care
  • Birth preferences and creating your ideal birth plan
  • Benefits of essential oils
  • Labor support – who to have at your birth and how your partner can help you during labor
  • Understanding medical support as well as interventions, induction and medical pain management
  • Surgical birth and preventing a cesarean
  • VBAC
  • Options and decisions to be made immediately postpartum
  • Understanding your Baby’s perspective / experience of pregnancy and birth
  • What to expect in the first few days and weeks after birth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn care
  • Baby Wearing
  • Car Seat Safety
  • October 2015Postpartum care and the health of the Mother

Class Testimonial

My bride and I just finished Shelby’s class, and I am beyond impressed. I tend to “dive deep” into subjects that I’m interested in or want to use to my advantage (childbirth, marriage, work, spiritual growth, etc.), and Shelby’s class gave me a far greater understanding and awareness of the miracle we call pregnancy and birth than I ever could have imagined.

Beyond the great foundational/educational aspects of the class Shelby’s heart for helping people can be felt immediately when you meet her and begin your first class. I would have mentioned this first, but I felt like anyone considering taking the class needed to first know that they would benefit GREATLY from the educational aspect before considering the heart that drives the education. What good is worthless (or worse, wrong) information from someone that cares about you?

I also greatly appreciate her Faith-based approach, because it can be easy for me to forget that Jesus is in control and completely trustworthy.

Finally, the great quality and depth of wisdom in her approach to preparing you (mother and father) was immediately confirmed for me when she discussed many of the same breathing techniques and mental training practices to help the birthing process that I’ve been taught to use with my personal training athletes, clients, family, and myself!

All that to say, “I’m super impressed with Shelby and her class, I’m more than happy that we invested in her, and I would definitely recommend taking her class in preparation for your baby’s birth!”

~ Josh H. – First Time Father (2017)

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Weeknight Series Classes

Natural Childbirth Education Refresher Course

A 4-part course option for families who have been through birth before and are wanting a refresher course, or experiencing their first natural childbirth

~ $300 Normal Fee / $275 for Doula Clients ~

4 Part Series – 14 hours of education, meeting once a week from 6:30 pm – 9:45 pm, for 4 weeks.

Natural Childbirth Education Series, Plus Breastfeeding Education & Newborn Care

A full course option for families expecting their first baby and desiring a natural childbirth

~ $375 Normal Fee / $325 for Doula Clients ~

($50 savings for Doula Clients)

*** 6 Part Series – Over 20 hours of education, meeting once a week from 6:30 pm – 9:45 pm, for 6 weeks ***

Breastfeeding Education & Newborn Care

You may register for these classes individually … separate from the class series

$75 per class 

Breastfeeding Class Dates Marked in BLUE / Newborn Care Class Dates Marked in RED

January 2022

( 5 Class Slots Remain )

1/7 – 1/14 – 1/21 – 1/28 2/4 – 2/11

MARCH 2022

( 7 Class Slots Remain )

3/4 – 3/11 – 3/18 – 3/25 –  4/1  4/8

MAY 2022

( 8 Class Slots Remain )

5/6 – 5/13 – 5/20 – 6/27 –  6/3  6/10

JULY 2022

( 8 Class Slots Remain )

7/8 – 7/15 – 7/22 – 7/29 –  8/5 – 8/12

September 2022

( 8 Class Slots Remain )

9/9 – 9/16 – 9/23 – 9/30 –  10/7 – 10/14

September class is the last series of the year!

~ Please Be Advised ~

Registration for each class series closes a week prior to the start of class so that books and materials can be purchased, delivered, printed, and prepared prior to the start of each class series. If you register after that registration time frame has closed, your registration is considered “late registration” and a $25 – $50 late registration fee may apply.

Classes fill quickly. Registering early ensures you a place within the class you need.

~ Online Course Option ~

Couples from well outside the surrounding New Braunfels area, including outside the state of Texas, can take this course via the Zoom Platform. Online course option is an additional $150 (total), as there is a bit more “in-the-background” work involved in the online teaching and preparation process, and your course book and technique supplies will need to be mailed to you.

~ Missed Classes ~

A make-up class can be scheduled (often an additional fee), and if instructor is notified well in advance that a couple will be missing a class, that specific class can be recorded via zoom, for the couple to view at their leisure prior to the next class. That recording is then immediately deleted, and not kept for future use or viewing. Viewing of a missed recorded class is $25 per class.

Register Here

1) Text Shelby the information in #4, at 210-995-7187 to receive the Venmo QR Code to register.

2) A non-refundable deposit of $75.00 is due to enroll and ensure your place within the class series.

3) Remaining balance is due at the first class session.

4) The following information is necessary/required for enrollment.

                • Month of CBE Series (ex: Sept. CBE Series)
                • Full or Refresher Course
                • Your Name (Expectant Mothers Name)
                • Due Date (estimated date of Baby’s arrival)
                • Place of Birth (ex. Family Birth Center, St. Luke’s Baptist, Home)
                • Email address (the one you would like class details and updates sent to)
                • Phone Number (the best way to reach you should I be called to a birth and need to reschedule a class)
                • Birth Partners Name & Email Address (who will be attending the class with you – Partner’s email address is required so they can receive participating information)
Private & In-home Childbirth Education

~ $55.00/hour~ Typically 3-6 hours of instruction

Full course or Refresher

For individuals who would like to have private childbirth education in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

Whether your desire is to simply be outside of a group setting, or there is a special need, or you have a schedule that conflicts with group sessions.

This class is done in your time, in your way.

Individualized In-Home Education

$55.00 / Hour (usually a minimum of 3 hours is necessary)
In-Home Childbirth Series Options:
Choose from Different Class Sessions (each session is a 3 hour segment) Natural Childbirth Education – 4 Part Series (12 hours)
– Options & Decisions Class
Know ALL of your labor, birth & postpartum options and ALL decisions you will need to make in regards to your newborn, in the first weeks of life – ex. Vitamin K Injection, Hepatitis B, Hatting, Circumcision, etc. (DETAILED CLASS focusing on the purpose, pros, cons, and alternatives)
– Breastfeeding Education
1 Class Session (3 hours) – Everything you need to know to have a successful and bonding breastfeeding relationship with your baby.
– Newborn Care
1 Class Session (3 hours) – What to expect in the first weeks home with your newborn
Individual Class Sessions (3 Sessions)
$125.00 / Session = $375.00 Total

Choose any 4 Class Sessions

$120.00 / Session = $480.00 Total
Choose any 5 Class Sessions
$115.00 / Session = $575.00 Total
Choose the Entire Class Series of 6 Sessions
$110.00 / Session = $660.00 Total

 ~ Discounts in all Childbirth Education Classes, if you choose to put together your own class, of 3 or more couples, within your home. ~
~ The discount applies to all couples taking the class. ~