Blooming Water Lilies

Doula Mentorship & Training Program


Blooming Water Lilies Doula Care runs a Doula Training and Mentorship Program. The goal is to adequately train, mentor, and guide new doulas to enter the community as highly skilled doulas who can offer something to families that no other training program can offer, with 1 – 2 years of hands on experience and personal mentorship with a highly skilled and experience doula.


The general training programs available for doulas today, consist of attendance at a weekend workshop, reading a few books, completing book reports, and then attending 3 births for free, by themselves. However, in “training” doulas in this manner, Blooming Water Lilies feels we are doing a great disservice to the families seeking support, and the new Doulas who are desiring to provide quality support and to walk into the birth space feeling confident, skilled, and aware of how to provide the best support to each family every step of the way, and also having a savvy business sense to grow a thriving practice.


Through this mentorship and training program, student Doulas attend births alongside a highly skilled Doula as part of the learning process, for a minimum of 15 months. Learning by observation and hands on experience.


It is very similar to how midwives train, apprenticing under the guidance of a highly skilled Midwife.


Let’s Take a Look at the Difference in Training Programs

Standard Doula Certification Programs require the following to gain ‘certification’ status:
– Attend a weekend workshop

– Read 3 – 4 books and turn in book reports

– Attend 3 births solo, for free


Blooming Water Lilies Training Program

– Completion of a 15 Module Educational Training Program surrounding pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, family support, and business skills.

– Attendance at 15 one-on-one workshop training sessions, covering each of the in-depth Module topics.

– Attendance at every Natural Childbirth Class Series taught by Blooming Water Lilies, for repetition of learning and connection with expectant families.

– Attendance at a maximum of 60 births, minimum of 10 births, over the course of 15 – 24 months, learning alongside the mentor doula (All Doulas learn at a different pace, so each individual doula has the flexibility within her training, along with input from the Doula mentor, to determine when they feel skill-ready to branch on their own in regards to birth attendance).

– Internship as a Blooming Water Lilies Doula with -or without- the presence of her Mentor


Program Fees

Online Interface
Access to the online training program is $50/month. Students may complete a maximum of 1 Module per month, over the course of 15 months. This is a self-paced program, and students may take extended time on Modules, if academically necessary.


Workshop Fees
Students attend 15 one-on-one training workshops with their mentor doula, covering each of the 15 Modules in the training program. Workshops are generally between 1.5 – 3 hours each session, and also include discussions on recent births attended.

  • The first 3 Module workshops are free, with no cost to the student
  • Modules 4  – 15 are $75 per workshop



The first step is setting up a free consultation with Blooming Water Lilies to see whether apprenticeship in the program is a right fit for you.